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Secret Service intervened after Hunter Biden’s gun went missing

The us Secret Service became involved in a bizarre incident in which a gun belonging to Hunter Biden was dumped in a trash can behind a grocery store then found to be missing, the website politico reported on Thursday. Delaware police were concerned the gun, a. 38 revolver, could be found and used in a crime, the website said, adding that it was eventually found by a man searching the trash for recycling.

Two Republican senators are asking the directors of the FBI, the u. S. Secret service and the bureau of alcohol tobacco, firearms and explosives for details of their alleged investigation into a handgun that belonged to Hunter Biden that was reported missing in 2018. In their letters, sens. Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson refer to a report from politico this week about the gun incident.

In October 2018, a string of bizarre events reportedly happened in Delaware revolving around president Joe Biden’s son Hunter and his gun. According to a police report obtained by politico, Hunter’s sister-in-law Hallie, who he began a relationship with after his brother Beau died, took the gun and threw it in a public trash can. When she went to retrieve it later that day, it had gone missing. The missing firearm caused a lot of concern, partly because the trash can was right across from a high school, so police got involved.

‘Go big’: Biden to launch sweeping infrastructure plan

This is how the cracked media is tackling this story:

“This is a mantra that Joe Biden repeats at every opportunity: “go big.” and this week, the us leader launches the second big offensive of his fledgling presidency: a massive infrastructure investment project, to be accompanied by tax hikes that remain to be defined but already have his political opponents up in arms. In a sign of the importance he attaches to the issue — which could be a central plank of his presidency — he will speak Wednesday from the city of Pittsburgh, where he launched his campaign two years ago.

“His predecessor Donald Trump tried to label him “sleepy Joe,” portraying him as a man lacking inspiration, but Biden wants to show he has a bold and reformist agenda. Having already pushed an almost $3 trillion pandemic recovery plan through congress, the figures being bandied about for his infrastructure plan reach as high as $3 or even $4 trillion.”

Ain’t that a kick in the head?

Note however, that what is important here is that he spend a lot of money to distract everyone from the trainwreck of his son, Hunter, his own lies to the American people concerning Hunter’s illegal activities in China, with this gun and the laptop that confirms the gun story is true. His own illegal use of the Secret Service to help his son cover up a number of crimes connected to this gun. No, what’s important is that he go big in every way that doesn’t count. Optics. That’s what matters. Not the truth.

Politico publishes Hunter Biden missing gun story that TheBlaze broke days before 2020 election

Politico on Thursday published a Hunter Biden missing gun story that theblaze broke just days before last November’s presidential election. Politico’s headline noted that the united states Secret Service “inserted itself” into the 2018 case involving the son of then-presidential nominee Joe Biden. The outlet — echoing theblaze’s story published oct. 29, 2020 — also said the incident involved Hallie Biden, widow of Joe Biden’s son beau, who was in a relationship with Hunter Biden at the time.

White House confirms Biden will sign executive order on gun control

In the midst of all the executive orders and fast-moving gun-control legislation in Congress, some might be missing out on the fact that president Biden’s nominee for secretary of the interior—rep. Debra haaland—could be a disaster for Hunters. A former chair of the new mexico democratic party, haaland has only been a member of the u. S. House of representatives since 2019. Among her committee assignments, she serves on the house natural resources committee and is the chair of the subcommittee on national parks, forests and public lands.

Gun control? For thee and not for me. Uh, I mean, not for my son. He’s special. It’s okay for him, um, I mean me, to break the laws of this great land that I serve as President, um, I mean, lining my pockets with everyone’s money. “More money than anyone could have EVER thought possible” if Chuck Schumer is to be believed.

Since when did the Secret Service serve at the behest of the Democrat Party to help them cover up crimes as henchmen? Lock them all up. They are more than crooked. They are crooks.



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