For those who are planning a trip to Hawaii, this article will give you a taste of what it’s like to island hop.

From Kauai, you may visit the other Hawaiian islands

Have you ever fantasized of taking your family on a trip to Hawaii? Your family is savoring the beauty of the ocean’s sunsets and crystal-clear seas as a whole. Although it may seem impossible, Hawaii is a vacation spot solely limited by your imagination.

Kauai is the oldest of the major Hawaiian Islands. Because of this, it is the most damaged. The island’s spectacular mountains and deep valleys are the result of years of resolute resistance to wind, rain, and seas. Reservations are required for the Kalalau Trail, which is the most popular. Some lucky souls will get the opportunity to take in breathtaking views from a tight, twisting route that round high rocks before leading to an isolated beach.

Aerial pictures of your favorite vacation spot are the best way to get a bird’s eye view of the islands of Hawaii.

To get to Lanai, which is just 3 miles from the city, you’ll need to fly into Honolulu, which is 35 minutes away. In terms of getting from Oahu to the other Hawaiian islands, flying is probably the best option.

In the event that Kalalau isn’t on the program, alternative activities like kayaking the Wailua River and trekking Waimea Canyon provide an amazing experience in one of the world’s most beautiful places.

From Kona, the Big Island of Hawaii

flights between hawaii islands

The Big Island’s two primary airports are located in Kona and Hilo. There are direct flights from the west coast to this location. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is accessible by car (about 29 miles away). The Hilton Waikoloa Village may be reached via Kona International Airport (about 10 miles away).

Kauai is renowned for its abundance of opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. Scuba diving, deep-sea fishing, and climbing the Big Island’s active volcanoes are just some of the activities you may enjoy here.

A 1,000-pound marlin is a common catch off the Kona coast, but divers may also enjoy night dives with dozens of wild manta rays, thanks to the area’s excellent sport fishing (the state’s favorite is the 1,000-pounder). Diving with manta rays that may grow to four meters in length surrounding an underwater “cleaning station” provides divers with an aquatic experience regarded one of the greatest in California.

travel videosAlthough the Big Island is the largest of the Hawaiian Islands, its climate and topography are incredibly varied. Explore Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, see Heiau, witness waterfalls, and participate in the Merrie Monarch Hula Festival on the Big Island. On the island of Kona, where there are several resorts, most guests book their vacations.

From Hilo, the Big Island of Hawaii

Flying into Hilo, the island’s windward (east) side is where the majority of visitors arrive by air. More people and sunshine may be seen on the west (leeward) side. If you want to view Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, here is the place to be. Two volcanoes are currently erupting on this island. During the 2018 eruption, Kilauea was cleared of lava. The public has no way to get to Manua Kea right now.

Historically, Hawaiian Airlines was the primary airline for inter-island travel, with multiple daily flights, and it still remains a popular choice. Travelers visiting the Big Island, Maui or Kauai may now save money by booking their tickets via Southwest Airlines, which is good news for those who want to save money on their trips to these destinations. A flight from Honolulu to Kauai, Ogg, Hilo, and Kona is offered by Southwest Airlines (koa). These flights do, however, need a stopover in Honolulu. Hawaiian Airlines is probably your best bet for nonstop flights between Kona and Kauai.

You’ll notice as you travel throughout the Big Island of Hawaii that the microclimates, as well as the mood and neighborhoods, change continuously. As a result, Hilo will be more authentically Hawaiian than Kona. It’s also a lot more lush and reminiscent of a rainforest. Even if you’re not a big fan of snorkeling, there are a few places to check out, like Richardson Beach Park and Keaukaha Park. The cuisine and dining options, on the other hand, are superb. Vibe’s vegan cuisine, Suisan Fish Market’s poke, and Makani’s Magic Pineapple Shack’s unusual tastes were my favorites.

All four main islands are served by Hawaii’s largest and longest-running airline, Hawaiian Airlines. With an average of more than 170 daily flights inside Hawaii, it serves as the principal mode of transportation between Honolulu, Kauai, Kahului, and Kona and Hilo. Hawaii island hopping at its finest! On the islands of Lanai and Molokai, Hawaiian Airlines operates flights between Honolulu and the three destinations via its ‘ohana by Hawaiian’ turboprop service in conjunction with empire airlines.

From Lanai, Hawaii Island-Hopping

Fortunately, the Hawaiian Islands have two ferry lines. These two lines are based on the Hawaiian island of Maui. Ferry services between Maui and Molokai and between Maui and Lanai are offered by these low-cost providers. The islands of Molokai and Lanai are great options if you and your family are staying on Maui. More than half the price of airfares between Honolulu and the islands of Lanai and Maui is saved by using the ferry.

It goes without saying that a cruise ship is an option if you’re looking for a truly spectacular way to see the islands of Hawaii. You may imagine that there are numerous cruise ships that travel between the Hawaiian Islands; however, there are various rules that prohibit this route. One choice is Norwegian Cruise Lines, while the other is a company called Uncruise Adventures.

Almost 9 miles from Hilo, on the island’s eastern coast, is a “must-see.” There is a four-mile picturesque drive along the Hamakua shoreline, and the garden sits at the rear of Onomea Valley. Award-winning garden’s stunning entrance is just across the street from a new visitor center surrounded by thick rainforest that provides enough free parking. As you enter the Hawai’i Tropical Botanical Gardens visitor center, you’ll notice the ohi’a beams supporting the lanai (porch) roof.

Hawaii’s 120 islands, award-winning beaches, stunning landscape, and one of the driest and wettest areas on Earth (all on one island) make it a unique tourist destination. A visit to the North Shore of Oahu, home to some of the world’s best (and most dangerous) professional surfers, or a night out in Honolulu, Hawaii’s only city, will provide tourists with an unforgettable experience.

From Molokai, Hawaii Island Hopping

Your family may save money by staying in Maui and then taking day trips to Lanai and Molokai. It’s the cheapest method to go across these Hawaiian islands.

Natural, cultural, and historical attractions are many on this magnificent island, which has been ranked as one of the most beautiful on Earth by Conde Nast Traveler. As a tropical paradise, Maui offers a serene and laid-back atmosphere perfect for couples looking to get away from the rush and clamor of metropolitan life. Additionally, Maui is noted for having some of the most opulent hotels and resorts in the world, making it a popular tourist destination.

What’s the greatest method to get the most out of a tropical getaway? Take a Hawaii island-hopping vacation! Make the most of your time on each island, since they each have their own distinct personality and attractions. Your “bucket list” includes a trip to Hawaii’s active volcanoes. perhaps the city of Pearl Harbor… Hana Road, for example, is renowned for its beauty. To see any of these spectacular sites, you’ll have to leave the island and venture out into the wilderness.

Your family may travel from busy Maui to Molokai, also known as “the friendly island,” in about 90 minutes via ferry. Family vacations may be enjoyed on Molokai, which is the least developed of the eight main Hawaiian Islands and a great place to get away from it all. A day on Molokai is doable because to the frequent ferry service from Lahaina on Maui, which leaves at 7:15, 10:45, and 18:00 each day.

This is your Hawaii island hopping guide for 2022.

For the ultimate “island hopping” experience, book an all-inclusive Hawaii island hopping cruise.

A trip to Hawaii may be right around the corner. When we scheduled our first vacation to the Hawaiian Islands, our initial joy quickly changed to dread when we realized how much research we had to do before we could even begin. How far away are the Hawaiian Islands, how simple is it to get between them, how much does it cost, and how long does it take? Are there any boats that connect the Hawaiian islands? Do you have to book in advance if there is a ferry? Should you combine your trip to Oahu with a stay on Maui or a vacation on the big island of Kauai? Which Hawaiian islands are best for families and where can you find the most spectacular hotels or dreamy Airbnbs in Hawaii?

If you’ve never done an island hopping vacation in Hawaii before, it may be a lot of work. Before you book your flights to Hawaii, read this guide to learn how to undertake an island hopping adventure like we did. This is the handbook we wished we’d had while planning our vacation. So, let’s get started and see what the most efficient means of getting between the Hawaiian Islands is.

The greatest way to see everything, or virtually everything, that Hawaii has to offer is via island hopping. This island’s scenery is diversified since it has plants from nearly every region of the globe. With a dedicated staff that genuinely cares about Hawaii, you can be assured that your trip to the Aloha State will be a memorable one. Inter-island flights are used to travel between the islands of Hawaii. Between Maui, Oahu, Honolulu, Kauai, Hawaii, or the Big Island, you can take a plane or a boat. The youngest and largest of the Hawaiian islands, Hawaii (also known as the Big Island) is Hawaii’s youngest and most populous island. Dozens of daily flights connect the six main islands.

There are only boat and helicopter tours available to go to some of the most breathtaking scenery in Hawaii, including the Napali Coast, which is a must-see on the island of Kauai. You may go hiking, view waterfalls, visit gorgeous gardens, and watch dolphins in Kauai (Na Pali Coast). The nights on Kauai might be a little quiet, so plan accordingly. It’s also missing tourist hotspots like Waikiki or Lahaina on Maui, where you can purchase for souvenirs. All throughout the island, you’ll find a variety of shops and eateries.

We were able to visit both the main island and two smaller ones in three weeks. On the other hand, the three smaller islands provide a more leisurely pace of life. After three weeks of island-hopping in Hawaii, you’ll have seen some spectacular sites.

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