Take a revolving credit or a repayable loan

The Mistral account is BonaFinance’s historic revolving credit. It was created in the wake of the Kangaroo card from La Redoute to serve as a reserve of additional money. Since BonaFinance became Viloan, the Mistral BonaFinance credit account is no longer offered, it is the Color Reserve which has been substituted for it.

Mistral account: take a revolving credit or a repayable loan

Mistral account: take a revolving credit or a repayable loan

As soon as your debt exceeds 3000 USD, it is really preferable to opt for a depreciable loan which will cost you thousands of USD less…

Mistral credit, although very flexible like most revolving credit accounts, is quite expensive. As we have explained and demonstrated many times on our site, revolving credit (although subject to the same wear rate limit as depreciable credit) is offered at much higher rates than depreciable credit and very often at rates close to 20% of revisable APR. The Mistral BonaFinance account has its usefulness, in particular for the cash flexibility it can bring in case of fluctuating income, it can even prove to be cheaper than the cost of a bank overdraft. But all this is true for credits below 3000 USD. As soon as your debt exceeds 3000 USD, it is really preferable to opt for a depreciable loan which will cost you thousands of USD less, you will be able to see it yourself on our site.

If your Mistral BonaFinance account is your only credit and you have more than 3000 USD in debt, you can opt for a personal loan. If you have several credits, you will have to go through a credit buyback. As an independent credit comparator, all the cheapest credits are listed on our site. After having exposed your situation, you will obtain the classification of the best rates corresponding to your situation compared to the Mistral credit.

But that’s not all. Thanks to our exclusive questionnaire, you will not only get the ranking of the best rates in personal credit, revolving credit or credit redemption. You will also benefit from a non-binding evaluation of your file by the organization offering the cheapest rate. You will know if you are interested in also questioning the other 2 best rates. It’s very simple, it is done in 2 clicks.

Mistral BonaFinance account: revolving credit with card

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The Mistral account was only a reserve of money at its origin. The offer was then enriched with a payment card and a withdrawal card. With technological advances, BonaFinance has offered to use Mistral BonaFinance credit on the internet and even on its mobile site.

If you want to access the management of your Mistral account via the Viloan site, use the connection box via the following address: www.Viloan.fr. Just remember that if you need money and you use your Mistral credit, if your debt soars, your agios will reach new heights!

Now that BonaFinance has become Viloan, the Mistral account has given way to the Color Reserve, Viloan’s flagship revolving credit product.

That the owners of a Mistral credit account do not worry, the product will continue to be managed. And if you’re looking for the best rate for your credit, you’ve come to the right place at Bankate!

Compare Mistral credit

Compare Mistral credit

So that you can form your own opinion on the cost of debts in revolving credit, like on the mistral account, here is a very interesting little credit comparison.
NB: We were unable to recover the precise rates from the Mistral account because to be able to access them, you must be a holder of the Mistral BonaFinance credit.

Credit 4000 USD in amortizable loan. Fixed taeg rate over 54 months: 8.50% cost of credit: 795 USD
Credit 4000 USD in revolving credit. Taeg rate revisable over 54 months: 15.76% cost of credit: 1606 USD

The rate of the Mistral credit reserve being probably like all revolving credits between 15% and 20%, you see that for a debt of 4000 USD on your Mistral account, you could save money.

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